Original Music

Here are the lyrics to the original song referenced in the book. Please visit CD Baby to hear The Long Road and other music.

The Long Road                                              © 2013 Cheryl Kain

I take the road, I take the long road
I don’t know where I’m going
I take the road, I take the dark road
And I dare not try to see where it will lead me and
I have hope that there is someone above the trees
And when I choose to take the long road
There’s a light inside of me.

And on the path, there’s pain and crying
I lose my way for awhile
And don’t they say to keep on trying
Through your tears there aches a smile
I gather moonbeams, I gather stardust
The magic carries me farther on
On down the long road it’s getting brighter
And I cannot hear a sound.

And it may rain and it may thunder
You will hear the young deer cry
Up in the night sky it’s getting clearer
As the stars give their piercing shine
The fog is lifting, the blue jay calling and you answer with all your might
And then you know you must keep going
For your treasure is near in sight.

I’m not alone though it may seem so
I feel the earth beat beneath my breast
And in my bones I sense the flowers of the dark soul’s been laid to rest
I see the stone house; I know I’m home now
Spirit’s laughing upon the hill
And I am still and I am strong now
They tried to catch me
They never will.